General Chemistry II Resources

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Key Lab Report Guidelines

Reports are due at the beginning of your lab section the week after the experiment is performed.

Your lab report should:

  • Be hand-written in your lab notebook
  • Be written individually
  • Have computer-generated graphs, if relevant
  • Answer any questions asked in the lab procedure

Each lab report should include the following clearly-defined sections


  • One paragraph
  • Describe the purpose of the lab
  • Explain the relevant theories
  • List and explain necessary equations


  • Experimental steps (eg mixing, weighing, heating)
  • Passive past tense
  • Don't include preparatory steps (eg. how you wash a beaker)


  • Neat table of experimental lab data
  • Include proper units
  • Correct significant figures
  • Proper labels for spectra


  • Neat and clear
  • For repeated calculations, provide one example
  • Average of multiple trials, if applicable
  • Include proper units
  • Provide error calculations

Results & Discussion

  • One to three paragraphs
  • Present results
  • Provide quantitative error analysis
  • Provide standard deviations for averaged values


  • Summarize scientific outcomes obtained
  • Suggest ways to improve future experiments