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Lab Report Samples

Below are examples of sections from various labs. They are to be used as a reference for writing your own thorough lab reports. I have tried to keep these as short as possible. Some of these are from actual lab reports turned in by students; some are of my own writing.


We experimentally measured the charge of an electron using electrolysis of copper. This value is related to Faraday's constant, which provides the charge per mole of electrons. A cell was constructed with the same half-reaction (\(Cu^{2+}_{(aq)} + 2e^- \rightarrow Cu_{(s)}\)) occuring in opposite directions. By measuring current and the duration of electrolysis we were able to calculate the total charge transferred (\(Q\)). We determined the total number of electrons stoichiometrically by massing the copper electrodes before and after. These data were then combined to find the average charge of an electron (\(e\)): $$ e = \frac{Q}{N_e} = \frac{It}{2n_{Cu}N_a} $$

Key Points

  • Lists the objective of the experiment
  • Provides the balanced reactions
  • Provides of short summary of the thought process involved
  • Lists relevant equations