Ask a Chemist

by Mark Wolfman on 2014-05-23

Update (2018-08-27)

I've stopped answering questions posted to the "Ask a Chemist" page. I was getting asked about specifics that were outside of my area of expertise and didn't make for good blogging fodder. If you have a chemistry question, I recommend posting it on the chemistry stack exchange.

Ever wonder why water and oil don't mix? Well maybe not, but if you have anything similar that you've wanted an answer to then you've come to the right place. Leave a comment with your question and maybe I'll write a post about it.

Examples of good questions:

  • How does C-4 work?
  • Why do cars rust more in the Northern US?
  • Why is water wet? (seriously)

Examples of bad questions:

  • I couldn't think of any. I'll post some here if they get asked.

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